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I was 14 years old. My step father's brother took advantage of me and my undying need to please older men that reminded me of my abusive father.


I was 14 years old, and I was raped. He was more than twice my age, and he was my then boyfriend's older brother. I'm from a severe Catholic family, so I knew that they wouldn't understand.


I have used birth control throughout most of my 37 child-bearing years (I'm now 49 and still able to get pregnant); however, two times that I didn't, I ended up getting pregnant.


I knew exactly when I became pregnant. I had been having issues with my birth control pill and was trying to find an alternative form of birth control that worked better for me. My boyfriend and I only had unprotected sex once and I took Plan B within a few hours of the sex. However, when I woke up the next morning I felt odd and knew I was pregnant.


At 19, I found myself pregnant, after a drunk night where I was positive my 27 year old boyfriend of 3 months had assured me he was wearing a condom. He was not. At first I denied reality. Things like this didn't happen to girls like me.

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