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I grew up in a home with a violent, alcoholic father who began to molest me when I was three and frequently, violently raped my mother within my hearing.


I entered Planned Parenthood. Was patted down by the security guard. Admitted to the waiting room. Called into the clinic. Put on a flimsy pastel hospital smock. Treated by very professional and compassionate female-bodied doctors.


I thought I got pregnant with my boyfriend, and we agreed that neither of us could take care of a child. He was about to go to prison anyway.


It is a few days away from being a year since I made the choice to have an abortion, I remember how confusing and scary that time in my life was and I hope my story will bring comfort or clarity to whoever reads this.


When I was 16 I cheated on my boyfriend and got pregnant. I had no idea as I was just a kid and didn't really keep track of my periods.


On Wednesday, July the 23rd, my SO (22) went with me (21) to Women's Med in Indianapolis for a small blood test, Ultrasound and to 'explore' our options.

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