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I was 19 and in college and I had to make the biggest decision of my life. To have a baby whose father was a drug user and a drinker. Who had already cheated on me and then dumped me.


I was teaching junior high in a small rural town. I was 2.5 mos pregnant & very excited about the baby. Then, a strain of measles called rubella hit our school. Because I got no rad or any symptoms, I thought I was OK.


I was a Junior in college when I got pregnant. I had just turned 21 and was madly in love with my college sweetheart of 3 years. He already had a well paying full time job and we we're planning our wedding for the year after graduation. I could see my future ahead of me shining bright, one that never included children.


I was twenty-one and still in college when I found out I was pregnant even though I had used protection faithfully. From the moment I found out, there was no question that I'd end the pregnancy. I didn't want to be a parent - ever - and certainly not at that moment.

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