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Muslim Youth Leadership Council (MyLC) 2019


The Muslim Youth Leadership Council (MyLC) is a group of Muslim-identifying people ages 16-24 from across the country, working locally and nationally as activists, organizers, writers, and leaders on intersectional issues affecting young Muslims. MyLC focuses on four main areas of work: countering Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate, strengthening sexual health and reproductive rights for young Muslims, promoting LGBTQ rights and supporting queer Muslims, and working towards racial justice and countering anti-Blackness in our communities.


Are you a young Muslim identifying person ages 16-24, interested in
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer/questioning (LGBTQ) health and rights
  • racial justice
  • immigrant rights and countering Islamophobia
  • Sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice?

Are you ready to build a proactive movement furthering Reproductive Justice that is inclusive of LGBTQ Muslims, Muslim immigrants, and other marginalized Muslims? Are you seeking out a close-knit community of young queer Muslims and allies?

Apply for the Muslim Youth Leadership Council (MyLC)!

MyLC is a year-long leadership council dedicated to bringing together young Muslim identifying people in the United States and furthering their goals of becoming leaders within their communities and beyond. The Council runs from September – May, with opportunities for summer work as well.

Youth Leaders will work to educate, mobilize and amplify issues impacting their communities by engaging in a variety of ways including through media, local organizing, and local and national policy change. In addition to receiving trainings, resources, and peer-to-peer education throughout the year, young people accepted to the program will attend a retreat, September 5-9, 2019 in Washington D.C. The retreat will include a day of lobbying on Capitol Hill. All accepted participants will be given a full scholarship to attend the mandatory retreat, including lodging, food, and travel to Washington D.C. MyLC members will also attend a mandatory Mid-Year Retreat in Washington, DC at the end of March 2020.

Note: We recognize the diversity in the Muslim community. Our involvement in this project is in Muslim youth leadership development around Reproductive Justice in the United States including LGBTQ health and rights, immigrant rights, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. This project is based on Muslim youth development in the United States and is not focused on theological perspectives.

Recent anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric have reenergized threats, intimidation and violence against the Muslim community. This can be seen through national policy proposals singling out Muslims for increased police and border control scrutiny and widespread statements equating Islam and terrorism, among a list of other examples. Muslim youth in particular face unique burdens arising from intersecting identities including LGBTQ and immigrant status. MyLC seeks to address these challenges by doing the following:

  • Raise awareness among Muslim Identifying young people, especially amongst LGBTQ Muslim youth and immigrant Muslim youth around Reproductive Justice.
  • Develop social media campaigns, opinion pieces, and cultural content to spread the word about the issues we care about (#MuslimAnd)
  • Engage and mobilize Muslim youth in our respective locations around issues that impact them and their communities/campuses
  • Build partnerships with traditional Muslim communities and the mainstream LGBTQ movement to highlight the existence of queer Muslim youth
  • Develop resources on LGBTQ inclusive Muslim sex-ed, and conversation guides on addressing racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination in our communities

Note: It is not required that you are a college student to apply. We welcome all young people who align with our mission.

If you have any questions about MyLC’s work, please email Khadija Khan at khadija@advocatesforyouth.org.

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