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IYLC members work on a wide-range of issues, including such as sexuality education, international family planning and contraceptive access, abortion, global HIV and AIDS, gender equality, harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital cutting/mutilation, gender-based violence, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights. IYLC is made up of students who have ties to or strong interests in the global south and who serve as activists, advocates, and spokespeople on sexual and reproductive health and rights policies that affect young people in low and middle-income countries.


The goals of the IYLC are to:
  1. Mobilize fellow students to take action on sexual and reproductive health and rights issues affecting young people in the global south;
  2. Educate policymakers on the importance of increasing funding and improving policies for programs serving youth in the global south;
  3. Increase public awareness of the impact of US foreign policy on young people in the global south.
  4. Influence the media by providing a youth voice on global youth sexual and reproductive health and rights issues.
  5. Speak out at rallies, briefings, meetings, conferences, and other venues to bring attention to the needs of young people sexual and reproductive health and rights in the global south.

Responsibilities include: Attending AFY’s Urban Retreat, attending monthly meetings at the AFY office, organizing campus events in partnership with university clubs/other students, tabling on your campus, submitting monthly time sheets and reports, presenting at conferences and conducting trainings, and more.

Every semester, each campus represented on the Council is expected to: 
  • Host two campus events such as film screenings, discussions, presentations, or rallies that educate and mobilize peers to take action on US foreign policy
  • Participate in a Lobby Day to educate members of Congress about the need for increased funding and improved policies for youth in the global south
  • Utilize online and traditional media outlets to educate peers and the general public about youth sexual and reproductive health and US foreign policy
  • Participate in at least two social media campaigns that address global youth sexual and reproductive health and rights

If you are interested, apply by Monday, April 15, 2019!

Members receive a small monthly stipend.

For more information, contact Khadija Khan, the IYLC Coordinator at khadija@advocatesforyouth.org. Thanks!

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