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Ale, Photographed by Mariah Johnson

My fight against systemic racism and incarceration has informed, for the most part, if and when I will create a family. My future is unknown. I am a government agencies’ target – I was detained by ICE for months. About both abortion and immigration, I am angry, and I am focused and organized.

The Supreme Court Must Protect Abortion Access in Louisiana

Today, the Supreme Court announced that it would hear June Medical Services vs McGee, a case challenging a Louisiana law that would close every clinic in the state but one.  The law would force doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital near the clinic - a requirement the Supreme Court already found unconstitutional in its landmark 2016 decision on Whole Woman's Health v Hellerstedt.

Mourning the Victims of Gun Violence and White Supremacy

The young people we work with are forced to live in a culture of hate which continues churning poisonous rhetoric and making our world unsafe. Though youth are leading the movement to end white supremacy and gun violence, their efforts are thwarted by politicians and pundits who treat human beings as expendable. 

Advocates for Youth and Trojan Team Up for the 13th Year to Promote Sexual Health on College Campuses Across the Country

Advocates for Youth and Trojan are opening the annual application window for The Condom Collective (formerly known as the Great American Condom Campaign), a youth-led grassroots movement to make condoms available to every student who needs them. The Condom Collective will provide colleges who apply with free condoms to promote sexual health and make their communities a better place.

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