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Creating a Space for Young Muslim Activists

The Muslim Youth Leadership Council (MyLC) is a group of Muslim-identifying people ages 17-24 from across the country, working locally and nationally as activists, organizers, writers, leaders and more to promote LGBTQ rights, immigrant rights, and sexual and reproductive health and rights for Muslims. MyLC focuses on four main areas of work: countering Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate, strengthening sexual health and reproductive rights for young Muslims, promoting LGBTQ rights and supporting queer Muslims, and working towards racial justice and countering anti-Blackness in our communities.


I am motivated to do this work because I deeply care about my community.


I believe only by standing with and uplifting the most marginalized do we thrive.


My desire to fight for justice is fueled by my commitment to my religion and God.


This year has only solidified my commitment to the struggle for immigrant rights.


I fully believe in the strength of our collective power. Our liberation is intertwined.


As the personal is political,I have no way to be complacent in what is going on around me.


I will use my own voice to elevate those around me.


I refuse to settle for a world where the people I care about are granted less freedom.


We are strong together and what we have to say matters.


To fight for and reclaim our bodily autonomy is a part of healing and justice.


Sex education is a human right, and a requirement for health.


Using education as a platform for activism motivates me to do this work.


I am building community through solidarity, love, healing, and accountability.


I didn't grow up through all of this just to stay silent.


I imagine a world where violence against marginalized people no longer exists.

Taylor Amari

We deserve to have access to good health in all aspects of the word.

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