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Vivian, Photographed by Victoria Torres Garcia

"At 17 I was forced to travel across state lines to authorize my abortion service without a parent’s involvement. At this age, I felt I was mature enough to make an informed decision about my body and my future. I refused to go before a judge to seek permission to get a procedure without a parents permission. I had no other choice but to raise the money to pay for a procedure out of pocket and on a greyhound bus travel to Illinois. The political climate, not my abortion, caused my trauma. Now I work as an advocate for women and migrants who need health care, to try to ease the trauma they experience.”

Xandi, Photographed by Kait Mauro

“I was in an abusive relationship when I found out I was pregnant. A protester on the sidewalk tried to take my picture, but a clinic volunteer shielded me with an umbrella. A photo of me walking into an abortion clinic could have put my life in danger. I am so grateful for the clinic volunteers who kept me safe and defended my right to privacy that day."

Susan, Photographed by Rebecca Naul

"When I hear about people speaking of late term or ‘partial birth’ abortions, it is beyond distressing. This was the most painful decision I have ever made, yet I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to make it. I am sharing this story so that other women who are faced with health-threatening situations do not have to feel shame for choosing their health and life."

Stephanie, Photographed by Karen Arango

"I am at peace with my decision to have had multiple abortions and to let that be a catalyst to live the life I’ve always wanted. I am strong. I am confident. I am everything I’ve ever wanted to be and have always been even when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Stephanie, Photographed by Dani Hunter

“The ease with which I was able to choose and access abortion care is a reflection of my privilege. When I had my abortion in 2006, I was a middle-class teenager living in a state where abortion care was granted additional protection by the state constitution, and I had the unconditional emotional and financial support of my family. I was empowered to make my own decisions and was never told ‘no’ or ‘wait.’ Choice shouldn’t be a privilege; it should be the standard experience for every pregnancy.”

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