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Young Women of Color Leadership Council

Due to the alarming rates of HIV and AIDS among young women of color, the Young Women of Color Leadership Council (YWOCLC) was started to promote HIV prevention among this at-risk population and build youth leaders.

YWOCLC currently consists of fourteen women from all across the country who have come together to prevent the spread of HIV in our communities, especially among other young women of color. We are advocating for the inclusion of young women of color in HIV prevention programs so they will become involved in fighting HIV in their respective communities

Meet the Council Members

Kanesha | Patty | Briana | Selena | Sadia | Bria | Kimi
Caitlyn | Cella | Brittany | Eshani


The Young Women of Color Leadership Council is composed of young women of color, leaders and activists, who have come together to promote a message of prevention and empowerment. All of our work is a collaboration of diversity and passion, coming together in the hopes of affecting a million more.

The goals of the Council are to:

  • Educate: We raise awareness among young people, especially young women of color, about the need for HIV prevention efforts for themselves and other young people.
  • Include: We advocate for the inclusion of young women of color in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of HIV prevention programs.
  • Empower: We need all young people, especially our sisters of color, to get involved in fighting HIV and AIDS in our communities.


  • Young Women of Color Initiatives: Advocates for Youth's program to build the capacity of youth-serving, community-based organizations serving young women of color 13 to 24 years old to provide culturally appropriate, science-based prevention programming.
  • MySistahs : A Web site created by and for young women of color to provide information and offer support on sexual and reproductive health issues through education and advocacy.

What Do We Do?

  • Attend and present workshops at national/regional conferences.
  • Conduct presentations for community-based organizations, high schools, colleges and other venues about the impact of HIV and AIDS on young women of color.
  • Partner with youth-serving, community-based organizations to better reach, serve, and include young women of color in HIV prevention activities.
  • Establish local Young Women of Color Leadership Councils to mobilize young women of color to get actively involved in local HIV prevention efforts and to build local leadership among young women.
  • Join HIV Prevention Community Planning Groups to ensure they address issues important to stopping HIV among youth and young women of color.
  • Address community leaders, decision makers, and legislators.
  • Provide interviews about the Council members work to magazines, newspapers, and television stations.

Do you have an idea or request for an activity by the Council? What are you doing in your community? Do you have ideas for how we can work together? Let us know by contacting us via the information below!



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