Youth Activism
Youth Activists

Youth activists advocate for change within their communities—working to promote honest, open communication about sexuality and to safeguard your access to sexual health information and services.

Read the youth activist bios below to find out what they are doing in the community.

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Everyone is destined for greatness. They just have to listen and learn.


I believe we need to start the international conversation on sexual health and rights in every corner of the globe, and what better place than in your hometown?


I want my generation to understand their responsibility as members of this society to take the utmost care of themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. 



It scares me to know that so many young people are engaging in sexual activity without knowing what they are really getting into and without having any education besides "stay abstinent and ask no questions."



Once I began critically thinking about issues of sexual health in my community, I knew I wanted to make an impact. I knew something had to change.



My life’s work is now dedicated to eliminating the disparities between the sexual health educations that women of color get in comparison to other groups. Everyone deserves the right to feel empowered and educated about their health.



I am proud to be part of a generation that is not only full of incredible activists, but is innovating activism for a whole new era. 


I want young people now, and future generations, to be informed before making decisions that can alter their lives.


I want so badly for not one more of my peers to grow up without the knowledge of their own body and anatomy. I want not one more young woman to be denied the rights to her own health. I want to provide my friends and peers and fellow women of color with the education they deserve.


Traditionally, those in power make decisions for those who are disempowered. I think it is important, as my parents taught me early on, to express our own voice for our own rights and our own health.


I love lobbying work, and I am excited to be loud and proud in the faces of those who unfairly dictate what is taught to students in my state. 



I hope that in the future sexual health education and contraception for youth and young adults will be more widely recognized as necessary, especially among religious communities and institutions.


I want the future generations to get along with each other: to see that everybody is equal, but we’re blessed enough to be individual.


I will stand up for people like me and let them know that there are many people just like you and many places in which they can feel comfortable..


My goal is to continue organizing in order to bring more visibility to our community and the issues we face.


It all starts with a call to action—people to fight for justice, voices to scream and raise hell, the courage to do what is right.



I want the youth in my community and all future generations to have comprehensive sex education because I think it will help them make healthy choices and protect themselves.


There is no reason that anyone should be deprived of the right to know, the right to use their education, and the resources for sexual health that are a human right because of their income, the shade of their skin, or the gender box they check on a form.



I want all women to feel empowered to advocate for themselves and their communities because I truly believe if you uplift women and girls, you can uplift an entire community.


I decided to dedicate my life’s endeavors to bringing humanity together as one nationwide united race, and I challenge each and every one of my fellow human beings to become stronger links in the global chain of peace.



Having a whole generation of people who have a strong understanding of their sexual health leads to a more united generation capable of accomplishing things we can't even dream of yet.



It’s imperative that young people are able to talk about relationships and sex openly because physical and emotional damage can be devastating when social taboo inhibits people from finding or asking for help in an unhealthy situation.


I want each of us to realize that we should have so much more control over our bodies and our minds, and we should never have to feel guilty or ashamed about health disparities, sexual orientation, or gender identity.


The most important points to take away from my activism story and my interpretation of activism are: it is a process, don't be afraid to get dirty, never stop examining your motives and check yourself.


Young people must be advocates for their sexual health because we know best the ideas and attitudes of those our age. The best programs in the world will not work if the intended audience is uninterested.


I thought everyone’s sex ed experience was similar to mine - I was shocked to find out not everyone's was as positive. That's what fuels my motivation to keep on supporting this campaign.


I want to transform the strict and limited resources on Guam so future generations can empower themselves to express their sexualities freely and responsibly without the fear of being ostracized.


Time does not stop for anyone, so the time to work in the sexual health and rights movement starts now!



I continue to do this work because I know how it feels to face the overwhelming reality of discrimination that all LGBTQ youth must overcome. I know how this feels and I want to be a part of making it a thing of the past.


I hope to see a world where self love and self care is the foundation to an individuals’ life – and this will lead to fewer physical and mental health risks.

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