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National Support Center for State Teen Pregnancy Prevention Organizations
National Support Center for State Teen Pregnancy Prevention Organizations Print
Teen pregnancy prevention is a critical dimension of adolescent health, and strong, effective organizations are best positioned to make a positive impact on policies and programs which affect teens.  For this reason, Advocates for Youth created the National Support Center for State Teen Pregnancy Organizations, designed to support and strengthen state organizations’ capacity to address adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  

National Support Center Vision: 

By 2020 every state in the U.S. will have an effective, powerful, and sustainable statewide organization that promotes science based approaches in teen pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention

National Support Center Mission:  

Building and supporting powerful statewide adolescent teen pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention organizations.

The National Support Center offers many services for State Teen Pregnancy Prevention Organizations. With over 75 years of combined experience, the National Support Center staff can provide expert guidance in building, leading, growing, and sustaining organizations that focus on adolescent sexual health, including assistance with strategic planning, organizational development, leadership coaching, tailored on-site consultation, informative publications, outreach events, and many other resources and opportunities.

To learn more about our services, read our brochure (pdf), see our list of trainings or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

Prefer to get your info online? Advocates is excited to present our online guide to starting and sustaining a State TPP Organization [coming soon]. From first steps to ongoing sustainability, here is a complete guide to maximizing your organization’s success.

We also provide extensive online resources, including:

  • Science and Success, an authoritative compendium of science-based teen pregnancy and HIV prevention curricula and approaches that are effective in reducing adolescent sexual risk behaviors and/or in promoting healthy behaviors
  • Strategies for Organizational Success, a series of brief publications on issues regarding organizational development and capacity building
  • From Research to Practice, a series that translates current research in adolescent reproductive and sexual health into science-based, youth-positive practices
  • One of the largest special libraries in the United States dedicated exclusively to adolescent reproductive and sexual health and offering online access to research abstracts.
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