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While on earth it is my desire to passionate seek a cure to HIV/AIDS and leave the generation after me with hope that an HIV diagnosis isn’t a death wish. 

Alexandria is a junior in college and a member of the Campus Organizing Team.  

Growing up my parents instilled in me the value of education and  the importance it played in my life. I knew in order to follow the desires of my heart I had to enroll in post secondary school and obtain a degree to help others throughout my community. Since attending college I have meet different people from many different walks of life. I have seen many cultures and I have had the opportunity to listen to the many problems we all face as they relate to the world we all live in.

I joined my campus’s Sexual Health Awareness Through Peer Education (SHAPE) organization during the fall of 2009. Through that program I have discovered an affinity for working with patients living with HIV/AIDS and counseling them in the process of living to fight the disease and not allowing the disease fight them. Many patients have shared with me their personal stories, and they deal with the struggle of living but nonetheless they live to fight the battle.  Because I volunteer in a clinical setting I often hear about new research to prevent transmitting and contracting the disease of  HIV and AIDS.

It’s the research and the tenacity of patients that keeps me grounded and driven to cease this epidemic and allow living to be sustainable even someone contracts this disease.


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